Sunday, January 31, 2010

24 by 25, the Moment of Truth

so, looks like i didn't quite accomplish everything on the below list. guess i'll be starting a 25 by 26 list (26... i shudder at the thought)

items in bold below have been completed!

1. Clean out my closet of things I haven’t worn since college
2. Keep a plant alive (my window plant made it to this week, so i'm counting it)
3. Get a pet
4. Visit far away family
5. Go somewhere new in Baltimore
6. Go somewhere new outside of Baltimore
7. Go to my first friend wedding
8. Knit an American flag (we bought an SSB, does that count?)
9. Have a major achievement at work (first international travel!)
10. Go to a show on a school night
11. Fall in love with a new band/musician/DJ
12. Put up new decorations in the house…make it more “ours”
13. Get a new video game that’s mine, rather than just playing Ben’s games (xmas PSP!)
14. Cook or bake something
15. Print pictures and frame some of them…and put the rest into albums
16. Replace the buttons on my new vintage dress and wear it (i have the buttons, but have yet to sew them)
17. Shop at a new store
18. Randomly surprise Ben with something sweet
19. Discover a new favorite book
20. Use my sewing machine
21. Donate to a charity or nonprofit that I believe in (sadly, the Red Cross's fund for Haiti)
22. Go on vacation with friends
23. Have a webcam date
24. Learn a new language on the Rosetta Stone (i'm not fluent yet...)

13/24...54% = F+

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Skipping Over Vegas Because I'm Very Lazy....

Ben and I threw our first officially party on New Year's Eve. It was a blast :)

NYE Girls
pretty girls all posed for a prom picture

NYE with Tiff
with Tiffa!!

NYE with Courtney
me & courtney