Thursday, February 28, 2008


I'll take a tall mocha half-cafe part-skim double shot no whip latte please.


Monday, February 25, 2008

Ingrid Michaelson Music Isn't Why I Shopped at Old Navy

Fashionista is the reason I shopped at Old Navy.

One of my favorite fashion blogs - highly recommended - recently featured a post about a pair of Old Navy strappy wedges. Apparently, they were "we just ducked into Old Navy to get out of the rain and came out with something we've worn everyday and gotten millions of compliments on" shoes. If only I could have such luck. So anyway, here they are:


I decided to check them out, while in Delaware this weekend - tax free!

I can't WAIT to wear these. Fashionista mentions wearing them with socks - I feel like I'm not quite trendy enough for that - but I'm definitely plotting an outfit to rock these with some tights so I don't have to wait for warm weather.

So not only did I totally copy Britt at Fashionista, I also picked up this dress (the picture doesn't do it justice! Especially the color):


Even though the online description says "hits below the knee," it’s actually SUPERshort (acceptably short, I think)… granted, I picked up an XS because I felt that the small was just a little too big all over – especially in the shoulders. And it’s so military-inspired that it has to be very tailored and very neat. I rocked it on Saturday night with black opaque tights, my gold Guess? Flats with the gems on the toes, the Fafi for MAC scarf (switching between neck and wrist) and my Coach wristlet from Benny.

The Shoes: (def way more golden in person)
Guess Foxylee Cropped

The Fafi Scarf:

I looked hot, if I do say so myself.

AND! My third glorious Old Navy purchase: a zebra print cardigan - brown stripes on a taupe ground - so fabulous. Unfortunately not available online (anyone know why?) so no pictures...but it's straight forward enough that you can use your imagination and you're probably right.

I only go into Old Navy about once a year. I'm usually really disappointed.
This time around, I tried on about 20 different pieces and left with 3, all of which I'm pretty psyched about. So nice work, Old Navy/Gap Inc. I'm loving your Urban Explorer collection!

Speaking of shoes...I really need to get (1) a new pair of Jack Rogers and (2) flat gladiator sandals.

I'll be on the lookout during my "things I 'need' for Spring Break" shopping spree.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Romance in the Baltimore-Washington Corridor

It's been too long since my last post. I've got a whole backlog of things I want to share, I'll catch up on them soon (hopefully!)

Anyway, my valentine's weekend was quite lovely. Friday night Ben & I went to dinner at fancy Nasu Blanca (amazing).

Saturday we went down to DC to see the Orchid Exhibition at the US Botanic Garden, which was absolutely incredible. I'll let the flowers speak for themselves.

& the colors! so spectacular! yellows and purples and whites... I was practically swooning.





Sunday night, we went to the Against Me! show at the Recher.
The opening acts (both DC bands) were awful, but there were lots of emo kids to make fun of.

During Against Me! there was wayyy too much moshing. Shirtless, sweaty, smelly moshing. I get it, you're aggressive and masculine teenagers. But you're obviously not at the show for the music. That's my biggest issue with the moshing.

Against Me! played really well, they definitely have as much (if not more) energy in their live show as on the album New Wave. They mixed up the set, plenty of old stuff mixed in with the new stuff - unfortunate for someone who only has New Wave (me).


But my only real complaint is

the set was fucking short!

I suppose that when you are playing that hard and moshing, you don't really want to be doing it for all that long - but i would have loved for them to extend the 45 minute set to an hour. It was well worth the $15 tickets. I would see them again for sure.

On a related note, Wilco show at the 930 club on Wednesday YAY :D

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Less than 3

happy valentine's day to my loyal readers <3

check out some really fantastic vday ecards over at my favorite ecard site, [probably NSFW]

i'm refraining from posting my favorites, because there are too many of them...

p.s.:: redic excited for the Against Me! show on Sunday...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sexy & Green

I love sexy cars. But I LUST after cars that are sexy and eco-friendly. And there's really only one.

Behold, the Tesla Roadster:

Tesla Roadster

One of the hottest sports cars (dare I saw Supercar?) I've seen in a while. And the specs are fucking unreal.

xx 100% electric (NOT HYBRID)
xx 0 to 60 in under 4
xx Top speed of 125
xx About 220 miles without a charge

(that's just about Baltimore to New Ro)

View Larger Map

and it's got some crazy technology other than the powertrain, including my personal favorite -- a PIN number that you enter to start the car. this pretty much guarantees that it cant be stolen, with or without the key.

what about valet, you ask? they thought of that:
"When dropping off your Tesla Roadster at a hotel or restaurant, preventing joy rides is simple. Just tap on the on-board display to put the car into Valet Mode. Until you type in your PIN to release it, the security system limits the car‘s range, acceleration, and speed." I suppose that when you've got a car this nice, joy riding valets are something you actually worry about.

The colors are great:

Tesla Roadster Colors
I'm loving the electric blue. HOT.

oh, and the interior:

Tesla Roadster Cockpit've got some drool on your face.

[all images from Tesla motors]

Monday, February 4, 2008

Mid-Twenties. I Don't Like the Way that Sounds.

So I turned 23 on January 29th. Now that it's sinking in, it's kind of scary.

But my party on Friday night was fabulous. The pics say it all:

23rd Bday - Ben &amp; ML
Ben & I

23rd Bday - The Girls
Fave Girls <3

23rd Bday - ML &amp; SRo
I've decided that I am taking a picture with Sarah every time we go out, because we always look gorgeous.

...No really great pics of my dress right now, but it's a gorgeous nanette lepore. i think i'm about to become seriously addicted to her dresses.

rocked it with my gold jessica simpson slingbacks, my new favorite shoes. so sexy! so comfortable!
jessica simpson howard gold

and the very best part? the coach wristlet that Ben got me for the bday (Bleeker Leather Capacity Wristlet in Coal Black):
Coach  Bleeker Leather Capacity Wristlet in Coal Black

...he did a very, very good job on the bday gift. & i love him <3.

Everyone Loves Superbowl Commericals

My two favorite commercials from last night's snooze-fest-until-the-last-5-minutes Superbowl:

Of course, Under Armour's The New Prototype

O U R S !

and what is probably the funniest commercial I have seen in a long, long time:
E-trade's banking baby

"you know, me and the boys were talking about what to do with all this extra coin, and i was like 'I'm renting a clown.' . . . and I did, Bobo here . . . and uh, i really underestimated the creepiness."

fucking hilarious.