Sunday, April 25, 2010

The XX xxxxxxx

On Friday night, Ben, Nick and I went to Sonar to see The XX, hosted by Taxlo. Mike and Whit met us there too :)

I'm a big fan of The XX and Taxlo always puts on a good party.

Nick & I had a little photoshoot before The XX's set (there's plenty more where these came from):

The XX at Sonar

The XX at Sonar

The XX definitely gave good show. Not a ton of improvisation, but with only one album I suppose the material is limited.

I particularly liked the use of varying lights throughout the sets. Color and lighting have so, so much influence on atmosphere. Plus, I just love color.

The XX at Sonar

The XX at Sonar

The XX at Sonar

Monday, April 19, 2010

Why Hallmark Holidays Are Awesome

One of the great things about gifting holidays (xmas, father's day, etc.) is the beauty gift set deals at upscale department stores.

I've been coveting YSL's Parisienne for a while, and managed to hold out until the Mother's Day season for the gift set (perfume, travel spray + lotion).

$85 for all three items, compared to $85 for the 3.0 oz bottle solo.
(available at Nordstrom)

Loves it. Now I just need to find something lovely for the moms.

Who says you can't buy yourself presents?
Bought any for yourself recently?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

OOOOOOpening Day!

The very awesome Jeff Schiffman hooked up Ben and I with Orioles Opening Day tickets!

The weather was gorgeous, and the hot dogs were delicious, but as usual the O's lost . . .

Os Opening day

O's Opening Day

O's Opening Day

Hopefully the season gets better from here. Can't possibly get any worse!