Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Chrismukkah!

Ben & I put up a Christmas tree yesterday (in a completely secular way).

Since this is our first xmas, we don't have an accumulated collection of sentimental ornaments... we stuck with the classic glass balls in blue and gold, with a few random red ones.

I hung the ornaments while Ben attached the hooks (which I didn't even know you had to buy!) and we watched football. The Eagles & the Ravens won yesterday, so we were both happy :)


YouDee is our tree topper, and with all the blue & gold ornaments, i guess that makes this a UD themed tree... is that totally lame, or awesome?

And of course, it's not hanukkah without an electric menorah in the window.

Chrismukkah 08

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cyber Tuesday

Yesterday was Cyber Monday (essentially, Black Friday for the internet). Bloomingdale's was running incredible sales: 40% off select regular-priced merchandise, 50% off sale merchandise.

Unfortunately, the website was totally f-ed up all day, making purchasing things impossible.

So today I called them and made it my personal Cyber Tuesday... somehow I was able to convince them to honor yesterday's 40% off deal and give me free shipping. And I'm very excited to receive new jeans! Hooray!


7 for All Mankind "Roxanne" Skinny Jeans in New York Dark

I promise they look better in person than on this awkward model.

Also, this might be the very first time I've ordered jeans online, since it's so hard to find jeans that fit. It just so happens that I have a pair of Roxanne's in black waxed I'm pretty psyched for a pair in the classic 7s color, New York Dark.

Dear readers, do you ever order jeans online?

[also available on the 7 website]