Tuesday, February 10, 2009

24 by 25

I was very inspired by my good friend Sarah's recent post, a list of 24 things she wants to do by her 25th birthday. So inspired that I decided to just totally rip her off and make a 24 by 25 list too.

I hope to update periodically when I've achieved something on the list.

1. Clean out my closet of things I haven’t worn since college
2. Keep a plant alive (particularly my birthday plant from Sarah)
3. Get a pet (even if it’s just a fish)
4. Visit far away family (Ohio, California, Florida, Hilton Head, etc)
5. Go somewhere new in Baltimore
6. Go somewhere new outside of Baltimore
7. Go to my first friend wedding (February 21st!)
8. Knit an American flag
9. Have a major achievement at work
10. Go to a show on a school night
11. Fall in love with a new band/musician/DJ (done! Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s is my new obsession. But I never stop falling in love with new music)
12. Put up new decorations in the house…make it more “ours” (done! Put up the music posters and artwork from Ben’s grandfather)
13. Get a new video game that’s mine, rather than just playing Ben’s games
14. Cook or bake something
15. Print pictures and frame some of them…and put the rest into albums
16. Replace the buttons on my new vintage dress and wear it
17. Shop at a new store (done! Madewell in the Annapolis mall)
18. Randomly surprise Ben with something sweet
19. Discover a new favorite book
20. Use my sewing machine (done! I made a throw pillow using Simpsons-printed fabric)
21. Donate to a charity or nonprofit that I believe in
22. Go on vacation with friends
23. Have a webcam date
24. Learn a new language on the Rosetta Stone (with thanks to Dom)

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