Saturday, March 13, 2010

2nd AngloMania Post of the Day

Yes, I definitely have AngloMania today. Maybe its the gray, rainy (Londonesque) weather. Or maybe it's my love for Punk Rock and the current library selection, London's Burning by Dave Thompson.

Regardless. I really want these Doc Martens 1460s:

Doc Martens 1460 Union Jack

The Union Jack toebox is just IRRESISTIBLE! Looking down on my little flag-toed feet would make me smile.

I already have a pair of white 1460s, but these might need to be my next boot purchase.

So kids. Do you love these boots? Hate them? Love the UK? Hate bad teeth?

[1460 Black Smooth, #841711004 available from the Doc Martens US Online store]

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