Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Version of Christmas

my favorite shopping event of the year.

allow me to explain: this is not your normal, end-of-season sale. it's a "reverse" sale, if you will. new fall merchandise is discounted for the duration of the sale (approximately 2 weeks), and then marked UP once the sale has ended.

so, instead of getting the last season's cast-offs, you are getting next season's merch at lovely discounts.

ben and i went last night (i couldn't possibly wait until sale day #2).

my haul:

steven boots
Steven by Steve Madden 'Maryn' Distressed Leather Boot

Sale $179.90
After Sale: $269.95

moto leggings
Trouvé Ponte Knit Motorcycle Leggings

Sale $34.90
After Sale: $54.00

hanky panky
Hanky Panky Low Rise Print Thong (the. best. underwear. ever.)

Sale $12.90
After Sale: $21.00

i think i did pretty well (if i do say so myself)... and kept the spending somewhat in check. i definitely could have done some SERIOUS damage if i wasn't being careful...

there's a leather jacket that's haunting me....

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