Monday, November 26, 2007

Shock & Awe

So my Eagles didn't do as badly as everyone had assumed they would...

Considering that the Eagles were 5w-5l & the Patriots were 10w-0l at the start of Sunday Night Football, it was kind of expected that there would be a Pats blowout.

But the Philly birds gave them a fair run for their money! If there is such a thing as a "good" loss, this would qualify. So I'm about as happy as I could be without a win :D

Final score: Philly 28, New England 31

I'm also really, really proud of AJ Feeley.

AJ Feeley 11-25-07 vs NE
[picture from Photos]

More details here.

Even better,

Delaware beat Delaware State in their first-ever meeting & the first playoff game of the season for the Blue Hens.

Next up, University of Northern Iowa (&& would you believe I actually know someone who went there?)

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rebecca said...

Go Patriots! ;)

And yay Delaware! I had NO idea how they're doing this year, but sounds like pretty well! I'm glad you started a blog missy... I'll be keeping up with it :)