Thursday, November 29, 2007

Stephen Kellogg Must Be Really Good at Guitar Hero


Last night was

I've been looking forward to the Stephen Kellogg & the 6ers show at 8x10 since I first saw it on the band website, and was even prepared to go by myself. So I was pumped when Sarah wanted to come with.

But it only got better when we realized it was also Maggie's birthday! Sarah & I took her out to dinner at Blue Agave for fancy Mexican food and amazing margaritas (nom nom nom).

The show was fantastic. Stephen & the boys played great and kept the energy up. It wasnt too crowded and I was literally front row right in front of Stephen.
anddddd, it was his birthday too.

The most disappointing part of the night was when the rest of the crowd didn't join into the "Happy Birthday" that Sarah, Maggie & I tried to get started...

This Is How Close I Was

After the show we talked to the guys from the Alternate Routes (who opened)...
I mentioned having seen them open for Howie Day at Fairfield U in '03, and I think they were seriously impressed with the obscurity. Plus, they gave us 2 free CDs! wooo

I also scored a setlist off the drum kit (I always ask the roadie first... and he thanked me for asking)and all the guys signed it :D

SK6ers 8x10 Setlist

On the bottom of the set list is a tiny list of songs for the 2nd encore, which I guess they decide in the moment. I asked Stephen why I've never seen them play "Pedal Steel," one of my favorite songs of theirs. He explained that he only plays it at shows where people aren't really talking or milling about, which I understand...its definitely a pretty intense and emotional song.

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Me with the birthday kids

So I got to bed at 12:30 last night and woke up for work at 6:15 feeling quite dehydrated from all the booze...but it was completely worth it. Maggie said it was one of her best birthdays ever & it was definitely one of the most fun nights I've had since moving down here ^_^

&& in case you really wanted, here's a video I took with my Elph of my absolute favorite SK6ers song, "My Sweet Charade"...


rebecca said...

Umm... you have no idea how absolutely fantabulously insanely jealous of you guys I am right now. I miss Stephen Kellogg concerts. I saw him for the first time with you at Perkins at UD and got four of his cds. I missssss that. And you m'love.

maggie said...

It was an amazing night! Thanks again!