Wednesday, January 9, 2008


If I'm home on a weeknight, I always make a point of watching Attack of the Show (<3) on G4 (<3).

This week they have been covering CES2008.

...That would be the Consumer Electronics Show...n00b.

The vast majority of the AOTS coverage has been to show off very drool-worthy electronics. I want it all.

Especially this:


The Asus Eee PC.
warning: above link is esentially a useless website, and it even looks like one of those fake webportals that sometimes come up when you type a domain incorrectly, you know?

It's amazing.

The video that convinced me of that fact:

(from here)

It's a tiny little Linux laptop (XP compatible, if you really want to ruin it)with a solid-state (read: flash memory) HD, so no moving parts to break.

It's got a 7" display and weighs less than 1KG, so it's totally portable.

Granted the hard drive options are 2G, 4G or 8G (about the size of an iPod Nano) but it's not for regular home computing or gaming. It's for portability and web browsing (the interwebs).

The 4G & 8G models come with built in cameras too!

I use mostly web 2.0 programs anyways...

I justify the desire/need for this a few ways:

-- The 8G model is only $500 (CHEAP)
-- I already have a regular (HDD) laptop (even if it is busted)
-- I have a large-capacity external harddrive
-- No need to buy software. I can download OpenOffice if I realllly need it
-- It doesn't use Windows, so no stupid problems!


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