Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Why I Love My MicroSD Card [Or, My Day at the Philly Museum of Art]

Last Saturday, Ben & I went up to Philly to visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art (you know, the one from Rocky...)

Philadelphia Museum of Art
[I just stole this off the Museum's website]

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I hadn't been to the Museum in a while - since an Art History class trip senior year - and was really looking forward to have a whole day to explore. And explore we did... we just kept moving and it felt like the Museum was never ending!

I was really impressed with the collections, especially the installations made up of architecture that has been re-built into the Museum. This includes temples from China and India, the courtyard of a monastery, and a Japanese tea house. Perhaps it was not the architecture itself, but rather the experiential aspect.

Two things disappointed me:

1. The very limited Pop Art (& similar) exhibit - as this is my favorite style of art (if you couldn't already guess)

2. Apparently we missed the Costume & Textiles collection, which I just discovered while poking around the Museum website. Maybe Ben made sure that we missed it? hahaha But seriously, it's pretty pathetic of me to miss the fashion. Maybe I shouldn't admit that openly on the interwebs.

But the most disappointing thing was:

I forgot my camera. Bad ML!

Luckily for me, I'm a huge dork & have a 1GB MicroSD card in my MOTO KRZR just for days like this.

Translation: I can take pics on my phone, and actually use them.
So the quality is crappy (or fantastic, depending on how you consider it) but check them out anyway:

The Staircase Group at Philly Museum

Ok, I'll admit this one is really really bad. But it was one of my main motivations for going up the Museum in the first place - and the reason my class visited. It's the Staircase Group by Charles Wilson Peale, and I swear it almost brought a tear to my eye.

It's one of the most incredible trompe l'oeil paintings evarrrr.

Warhol at Philly Museum

I fucking love Warhol, so I was just generally excited to see this. So adorable. Not sure what's up with the lighting though...

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