Thursday, December 6, 2007

Even If It IS an Elanor Waldorf Original... [Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode 10]

That does not excuse the ridiculously oversize bow on your cotillion dress, B.

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I mean, look at the thing. I can hardly rationalize this dress. I know the whole show is exaggerated (thats what makes it so great) and that the dress was custom-made for Blair by her high-fashion-designer mother, Elanor, and even that on the CW official Gossip Girl website, B's style is defined as so: "She loves diamonds, pearls, headbands and bows."

Thank you CW, for stating the very, very obvious.

AND, there is a video on the site in which the show's costume crew explain the outfits... I fear that they have no sense of proportion.
But I digress.

The bow looks like its about to eat your face.

Despite this bow-tastrophe, there is one thing that proves some competence in the GG costume department.

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You know how in movies when during a wedding the door is first opened to reveal the bride and the groom has to catch his breath?

I think the moment I saw this dress, I was that groom.

It's perfect! The color is fabulous, the fit immaculate, and the details are just phenomenal. Check out those pickups into semi-rosettes and the minitrain!

But overall, the best part of the dress might be it's irony:

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Check out that bow.

In your face, B.

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Anonymous said...

Nice catch on the bows!

And oh my god, yes, do I LOVE that dress. I think we both gasped. Stunning.