Sunday, February 24, 2008

Romance in the Baltimore-Washington Corridor

It's been too long since my last post. I've got a whole backlog of things I want to share, I'll catch up on them soon (hopefully!)

Anyway, my valentine's weekend was quite lovely. Friday night Ben & I went to dinner at fancy Nasu Blanca (amazing).

Saturday we went down to DC to see the Orchid Exhibition at the US Botanic Garden, which was absolutely incredible. I'll let the flowers speak for themselves.

& the colors! so spectacular! yellows and purples and whites... I was practically swooning.





Sunday night, we went to the Against Me! show at the Recher.
The opening acts (both DC bands) were awful, but there were lots of emo kids to make fun of.

During Against Me! there was wayyy too much moshing. Shirtless, sweaty, smelly moshing. I get it, you're aggressive and masculine teenagers. But you're obviously not at the show for the music. That's my biggest issue with the moshing.

Against Me! played really well, they definitely have as much (if not more) energy in their live show as on the album New Wave. They mixed up the set, plenty of old stuff mixed in with the new stuff - unfortunate for someone who only has New Wave (me).


But my only real complaint is

the set was fucking short!

I suppose that when you are playing that hard and moshing, you don't really want to be doing it for all that long - but i would have loved for them to extend the 45 minute set to an hour. It was well worth the $15 tickets. I would see them again for sure.

On a related note, Wilco show at the 930 club on Wednesday YAY :D

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