Monday, September 27, 2010

The worlds collide, but all that we want is a Shady Lane (or a Merriweather Post Pavillion)

Saturday was the annual Virgin Mobile FreeFest... without boring you to absolute death with details, let's skip straight to the highlights (and lowlights):

Best overall set: LCD Soundsystem

LCD Soundsystem

with the awesome dance-party energy, seizure-ific light show and enormous disco ball, LCD easily had the strongest set of the night. Despite being absolutely exhausted, I was completely compelled to dance.

Biggest surprise: Matt & Kim

Matt & Kim

Ben & I have seen Matt & Kim twice before, in the tiny club room at Sonar and Ottobar. we had pretty low expectations considering that the pavillion at MPP is about 1000x larger. plus they're all mainstream (read:lame) now, right?

WRONG. these kids got a new-found swagger. they were crowd surfing, climbing on their instruments, starting sing-alongs to old school tunes.... it was an all-around good time. plus there were balloons involved. who doesn't like balloons? i was smiling and dancing through the whole set.

Reason I'm most glad I went to VFest: Pavement


Pavement are icons of indie music. their influence is obvious in many new albums/artists, and their albums have reached truly classic status. AND, they've been broken up for the last 10+/- years, so i was beyond ecstatic that they were re-united and touring. a chance to see these guys is pretty fucking special. they were really great and made me an even bigger fan. there probably won't be too many more opportunities to see them live in the future.

Biggest disappointment: the crowd at Neon Indian

Neon Indian

Let me start by saying that this is NOT Neon Indian's fault. they were great, just like when i saw them at Sonar. but the crowd in the dance forest SUCKED. it was a bunch of douchey-looking bros standing around, smoking cigarettes. i tried dancing through the crowd and getting them pumped, but i'm pretty sure i just made an ass of myself. apparently everyone at VFest was too cool to dance to Neon Indian.

Dear Neon Indian,
I swear that not all marylanders are that fucking lame. We had a good time at Sonar, didn't we?

All in all, a pretty successful day of live music.

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