Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jigsaw Fashions

Bloomingdale's has been bombarding me with catalogs ever since they got my work address (from a failed online order...looong story).

The catalogs are oddly disappointing, and honestly, a waste of paper. They usually go into the recycling bin after a quick flip-through.

But the catalog I received today caught my eye, with these adorable flats on the back cover:

Kate Spade "Puzzle" Flats
Kate Spade "Puzzle" Leather Ballet, $295

So whimsical! So clever!
I feel like these could amuse me for hours. Which is probably a bad things because (1) I'd be looking at my feet all day and (2) a puzzle with 2 pieces should probably be above my intellect. And yet I can't help but want them.

and check out their cousins, the puzzle-themed sandal:

Kate Spade "Frannie" Puzzle Sandals
Kate Spade "Frannie" Puzzle Sandal, $350

Kate Spade is way too preppy for me, but I give her serious props for the creativity. Jigsaw puzzle pieces get their 15 minutes of fabulousness!

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