Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lauren Will Always Be Known as the Girl Who Didn't Go to Paris [The Hills Season 3 Bonus Preview]

So, I finally got around to* watching the sneak preview for the bonus episodes of The Hills - season 3 - which viewers were told had ended a few weeks ago (see earlier post about After Show).

I can't fucking wait! These episodes are all about Lauren & Whitney's adventures in Paris (on assignment for Teen Vogue) & from what I can see in the video, it should be all glamour and drama, just the way I like it. And with the added effect of having it all take place in the most dramatic and glamorous city in the world.

Plus, from what I can see on this video, the dresses will not disappoint.
Not sure how I feel about L.C.'s very seriously red lipstick yet.

Video included below for those who missed it:

* slash/ MTV put off posting this for wayyyyy to long...are you listening, Viacom??

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