Monday, December 10, 2007

Urban SurvivorWoman

I've been meaning to blog - no, I haven't given up on it yet - but was having some serious blogger's block.

And then I remembered this fantastic video I've been meaning to share:

"How to Charge an iPod Using Electrolytes and an Onion"

Ok, so maybe it's really nerdy, and really kind of lame (blame the blogger's block again), but it WORKS! amazing.

I can't imagine that the USB cord survives after this little experiment, but I'm not about to sacrifice mine to try the experiment for myself (stupid expensive Apple proprietary devices).

And I have to give serious props to the site responsible for this video, Household Hacker. Definitely way too many ways to hurt yourself/burn down the house/get arrested, but fantastically entertaining.

This puts me in the mood for some kitchen science.

Any takers?
I promise I'll break out my safety goggles from undergrad research...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dude. I know you don't have blogger's block. You told me you started a blog list of ideas ; )

Haha. Welcome to the blog nerd life.