Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I Know This is Way Past the Fact [Project Runway Season 1]

This post will be very outdated, but it needs to happen.

I was watching Project Runway today, and Bravo was re-running the Postal Uniform Challenge (Season 1 Episode 8).

And it reminded me just how much I fucking hate Wendy Pepper.

I mean look at this bitch:

Wendy Pepper B&W

Wendy Scary Makeup

& she's just really annoying.

Look what she wore in the finale episode, where the final 3 designers show their collections at NY Fashion week:

Wendy Pepper Last Finale

She deserved to loose just off of this!

Although on a sidenote, Chloe won in Season 2 and she wore what looks like a GAP outfit at Bryant Park:

Chloe at Finale

What kills me though, is this:

Project Runway Wendy Pepper Tshirt

On the Project Runway website, they have each designer create a t-shirt design which is then sold through the website as a way for the production company to rip off fans.

Her t-shirt is a picture of herself. And the text ("longshot") is even referring to herself.

Wendy Pepper, go kill yourself. Kthanks.

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Anonymous said...

And let's not forget that even her name is annoying.

(Maggie and I are currently watching the same marathon, go figure).